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        The Basics of Tube Bending

        Tubing benders are automation machines that are used to bend or shape metal. As an example visualize a trombone tuba, trumpet, french horn, brass musical instrument. Likewise lots of plumbing contains metal bars that have been bent by automation machines.

        There's all kinds of tube bending and it's not just as simple as taking a bar or piece of metal and bending it. Heat and cold processes are sometimes used. A tubing bender can also perform press bending, rotary draw bending and three-roll push-bending.

        Tube Bending Machines - Old and New

        Tube bending is the term used for all metal forming processes that is used to form tubes or pipes. The pipes that are bent are used either in water lines, for handles, petroleum pipe lines, in power plants, as freeway signs and more. Today there are different processes and machines that assist us in the tube bending process. But this was not the case always.
        The history of pipe and tube bending processes dates back to the ancient Chinese civilizations where they used reeds as tubes to pipe water.
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