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        Equipment & Machinery

        Bendco Machine & Tool specializes in tube bending, assembly, automation and other custom machines. Customer specifications are used to develop a machine for the demanding production requirements of various industries.

        Tube Bending Machines

        Tube Bending Machines

        Design and build of tube bending machines based upon customer part prints and requirements.

        Read more about Tube Bending Machines
        Custom Machines

        Custom Machines

        Design and build of custom machinery based upon customer operational needs.

        Read more about Custom Machines
        Automation Machines

        Automation Machines

        Design and build of automated machinery based upon customer and OSHA requirements.

        Read more about Automation Machines
        Custom Control Panels

        Custom Control Panels

        Design and build of electrical controls systems based upon customer requirements.

        Read more about Custom Control Panels


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        Tubing Bender Machines

        Custom Machines

        Automation Machines

        Design Services

        • New Machine Concepts or Updates
        • Retooling of Current Machining
        • Guarding & Machine Safety
        • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
        • Contact Us for More Information

        Custom Machining Services

        • CNC
        • CMM Certification
        • Tubing Bender
        • End Forming
        • Notching
        • Grinding
        • Drilling
        • Welding
        • Sawing, Boring & Milling
        • Painting

        Custom Control Panels

        • Electrical Panel Design
        • Custom HMI Application Development
        • PLC Programming
        • Servo Motor Application
        • Robotic Material Handling

        Production & Maintenance Services

        • Short Production Runs
        • Small JIT Program
        • Repair & Maintenance for Machines & Machine Parts