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        Universal Tubing Bender Machines

        Bendco Machine & Tool will furnish high quality universal tubing bender machines to support your most demanding production requirements. Our company specializes in complete engineering and fabrication of this type of machine, which is used in the automotive industry for low to mid-range production. Interchangeable tooling is engineered and fabricated by our team of experts. Bendco Machine & Tool will design and fabricate a machine to your specification. 

        Universal Bending Machine

        Sample Tooling

        • Material Types:  Aluminum; Stainless Steel; Steel Round, Square and Rectangular Tubing; Aluminum Tube Assemblies; and Copper Tubing.
        • Tube Diameter Range:  1/8” thru 1 1/4”
        • Power Sources:  Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Servo
        • Machine Cycle Time Range:  4 – 5 seconds
        • Bend Adjustment: Manual or Automatic (RFID chip technology)
        • Quick Change Tooling (no tools required)

        You will find that our machines improve quality, efficiency, lower cost, and reduce maintenance problems. Most of all, it improves the bottom line. We welcome you to join the growing number of companies that are using our machines. 

        Sample Part

        Sample Part


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        Tubing Bender Machines

        Custom Machines

        Automation Machines

        Design Services

        • New Machine Concepts or Updates
        • Retooling of Current Machining
        • Guarding & Machine Safety
        • Increased Efficiency & Productivity
        • Contact Us for More Information

        Custom Machining Services

        • CNC
        • CMM Certification
        • Tubing Bender
        • End Forming
        • Notching
        • Grinding
        • Drilling
        • Welding
        • Sawing, Boring & Milling
        • Painting

        Custom Control Panels

        • Electrical Panel Design
        • Custom HMI Application Development
        • PLC Programming
        • Servo Motor Application
        • Robotic Material Handling

        Production & Maintenance Services

        • Short Production Runs
        • Small JIT Program
        • Repair & Maintenance for Machines & Machine Parts