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        Tubing Bender Machines

        Tubing Bender Machines
        Tubing Bender machines can accommodate various part configurations & sizes

        Custom Machines

        Custom Machines
        Our Custom Machines are built for various applications and uses

        Automation Machines

        Automation Machines
        Automation Machines are used for industrial high-volume production needs

        Bendco can include any array of custom operations to meet your design & production requirements on your automation machines.

        Design Services

        Bendco works with you to design exactly what you are looking for.
        • New Machine Concepts or Updates
        • Retooling of Current Machinery
        • Guarding & Machine Safety
        • Updates to Increase Efficiency & Productivity
        • Contact Us for More Information

        Reverse Engineering

        Through our reverse engineering, we can inspect and draw up your items. We can also machine replacement parts that you need.


        Click here to see some of our custom products in action.
        • Dedicated Swedge Machine
        • Dedicated Bender with Seam Finder
        • Dedicated Automatic End Form and Bend Machine

        Custom Machining Services

        Custom Machines
        • CNC
        • CMM Certification
        • Tubing Benders
        • End Forming
        • Notching
        • Grinding
        • Drilling
        • Welding
        • Sawing, Boring & Milling
        • Painting

        Custom Control Panels

        Custom Machines
        • Electrical Panel Design
        • Custom HMI Application Development
        • PLC Programming
        • Servo Motor Application
        • Robotic Material Handling

        Production & Maintenance Services

        Custom Machines
        • Short Production Runs
        • Small JIT Program
        • Repair & Maintenance for Machines & Machine Parts
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